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The number one problem with tree stands isn’t that they are stationary, it’s that they are so loud. How many times has your perfect buck been moving right towards your stand, only for you to get busted because you dared to move for a better shot or a tiny piece of something falls from your boot?


It doesn’t matter if you are hunting deer, elk, wild boar, bear, the elusive Jackalope, or any other prey, anywhere, the HUSH COVER and our HUSH & GO boot covers are the edge you have been missing and are destined to become your must-have hunting accessories.
The HUSH COVER is quick to apply, just attach the hooks to the underside of your tree stand or even to each other. Once you are in your stand with the HUSH COVER in place, you will immediately experience the quiet it brings to your whole experience. That quiet brings confidence: to move, to pivot, to get your perfect shot without getting busted by noise.
The HUSH COVER hides you from sight for any animal below you, allowing you to get yourself ready for the trophy of a lifetime. Are you prone to a little bit of dizziness when you are in a stand? The HUSH COVER is a significant step towards reducing vertigo by limiting your direct downward view and making you feel more secure.

The fleece and wool materials of the HUSH COVER allow you to stay in your stand longer, keeping your feet from direct contact with a freezing stand. Find ice on your stand in the morning? The HUSH COVER goes right over the top, allowing you to still use your stand without danger of slipping. Our optional foot warmer keeps your toes warmer either with or without the use of charcoal or battery warmers. You will be so comfortable you might never leave your stand.

The wool quickly absorbs any mud, slush, melting ice, or rain and prevents anything stuck on your boots or in your treads from falling out of your stand. No more alerting every living thing to your location.
Even the largest HUSH COVER is light enough to take with you anywhere, from a quick hunt at your local hot spot to a long flight to your dream safari, the HUSH COVER won’t weigh you down.

HUSH & GO boot covers are the sneaky alternative to ruining another pair of socks when you are stalking. They weigh next to nothing, but can be applied in seconds, without sitting down and taking off your gear. They turn your boots into sneaky socks or, if you insist on wearing just socks, the HUSH & GO’s work just as well over socks to keep them from getting ruined and to keep stickers out of your feet.

ALWAYS KEEP YOUR HUSH COVER WITH YOU! Not only do you not want to leave it in your stand overnight, but if you send us a picture of your kill with the HUSH COVER in the photo, if we use it on our website you will get a super-cool-make-all-your-friends-jealous HUSH COVER cap!

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