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Hush & Go Boot Covers

Hush & Go Boot Covers


Serious Silence for the Serious Hunter

Rapidly quiet your boots for silent stalking. HUSH & GO boot wraps slip over boots or socks in seconds. No complicated buckles, just one simple hook and cord. Easy to put on without taking your pack off or sitting down. Light enough to carry anywhere, thick enough to protect, and just right to still feel the ground under you. Order by your hunting boot size for best fit. Also excellent in ground blinds, box blinds, stump blinds, platform stands, or any place you need to quiet your feet, even if it’s just sneaking in the house late at night.

Large, fits men’s boot sizes 12 and up: 22 inches long by 14 inches wide, weight: 6.2 oz per pair
Medium, fits men’s boot sizes 8-11, women’s boot sizes 9-11, weight 6 oz per pair
Small, fits men’s boot sizes 5-8, women’s boot sizes 5-8, and most kids boots for ages 7-11, weight 5.7 oz

Simple to use:

1-gray side down, hook to the front

2-pull up the hook, push cable lock down

3-wrap cord once or twice around the ankle and hook it back onto the cord

4-proceed quietly and with confidence



The picture will change to the color you choose.

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Our HUSH & GO boot wraps, for silent stalking, are amazing and effective.

  • they are extremely lightweight, only about 6 ounces for the pair
  • they go on fast, get them on in seconds without losing sight of your prey
  • they are easily wrapped over your boots without sitting down or taking off your pack
  • our boot wraps have the perfect balance of cushion to silence your movements yet allow you to feel the ground under your feet
  • you won’t lose a second having to take off your boots because now you won’t need to
  • our boot wraps are also fabulous to silence your feet and keep them warmer in any blind or stand, so you can go out earlier and stay out longer




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