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Small Hang-On Stand Cover Clearance

Small Hang-On Stand Cover Clearance


Small: 29” long by 20” wide*, weight: 10.7 oz.*—fits hang-on tree stands with the narrower foot platform.

Our covers give you the invisibility that comes with silence. Get the positioning you need, silently. No more getting busted by something falling off your boots. No more slippery, cold stand. Our lightweight covers will keep you warmer, so you can hunt longer. Installation and removal is fast and easy. Our covers also work well in ground and box blinds. (*All measurements are approximate.)

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Our products give you the invisibility that comes with silence, but it doesn’t end there. Check out all of these advantages you also get with the HUSH COVER tree and ladder stand silencer:

get the positioning you need because foot pivots and movements are silenced

-drips, dirt, and gravel from your boots won’t fall through

-you can pack in your stand in stealth mode because you clanging seat is a thing of the past

-mud, rain, and snow are absorbed, noiselessly

-the wool top absorbs heat from the sun and is the perfect barrier to the cold leaching from your stand, so you can hunt longer

-our optional foot warmer attachment takes comfort to the next level, keeping your feet warmer and nimble

-slippery footing from a wet or frosty stand is eliminated

-your movements are totally hidden from everything below you

-your boot treads can’t get caught in the stand grid, so you can maintain freedom of movement

eliminates noise from your fidgety kids and helps them to stay warm, so you can all enjoy your outdoor experience while you are teaching them how to hunt

-installation and removal is easy and rapid

HUSH COVERS are small enough and very lightweight, so they are never a burden

-they can even be used in a ground blind with the same benefits to your success

Tab and cord color may vary.

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Autumn Forest Camo, Skyline Camo, Deep Woods Classic Camo, Hidden Camo


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